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Helpful hints for booking appointments with our artists.

  • DO chose one artist that you would like to work with. Contact links are on each artist profile page.

  • DO include your FULL name, email, location, and phone number.

  • DO NOT contact multiple artist about the same tattoo, as this seen a major breach of etiquette.

  • DO include a description of the concept of the tattoo you are wanting, this is where you need to write enough information to explain your idea in its entirety. Be sure to also give a general estimate of size in inches, where it will be going on your body, and if you are wanting your piece to be black and grey, or have elements of color. This will help your artist come up with a time estimate and know how much time you need to be scheduled for.

  • DO attach any images needed to convey your idea. Find images from life, not ones of other peoples tattoos, unless you are referencing the placement/size, for inspiration or the type of tattooing (i.e. realism, traditional, neotradtional, dot work). If you want a tattoo of a turtle, find a photo of an actual turtle.

  • DO NOT send photos of other peoples’ tattoos that you want to replicate. That tattoo is theirs. It is fine if you just want something inspired by it, but replicate someone’s custom piece is not ok.

  • DO send all reference image in one email, and respond in the email chain. It makes it easier for us to find everything we have discuss.

  • DO include what your schedule is like, if you are wanting to book an appointment. If you work, include when you work, or, if you can you request time off and days of the week/times do not matter for booking.

  • DO be clear about any questions you have and list them all together at the end of your email. This saves your artist time from having to search around and read and reread multiple times.

  • DO be patient. Your artist will reply. DON’T send an email every hour or day checking in. This is especially the case if your artist books out quite a ways. I usually tell people you can expect up to two weeks before a reply. If you don’t get a reply in two weeks, then it’s okay to resend your email and check in, just in case your message did end up lost in cyberspace.

  • DO be prepared that once you start the process for booking that you will more than likely be required to pay a booking deposit for your appt.

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