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Tattoo Artist

Kiristina has 10 + years of tattooing experience, and has worked in many great studios,  with really talented humans all over the US, MX and England. We are thrilled to have her with us.

Tattooing is more to me than just putting ink in skin. I want to create something that makes you feel, think, or smile. Every design is custom, and all tattoos require consultations.

If you are interested in getting work done from me, send me an email to schedule a free consultation.

I love to work in many styles and sizes. Currently I am taking on projects of my own design, but will consider coverups, add on's or fix ups on a case by case basis.
Thank you!

Kristina: Service


Books are open to new clients.

white tara tattoo
blue rose tattoo
energy and flow ornamental tattoo
magnolias tattoo
turtle sea tattoo
flowers and script tattoo
delicate flowers tattoo
Tiger stripe tattoo
poppies tattoo
magic instruments tattoo
buddha floral tattoo
floral tattoo
black and gray floral tattoo
featherina bird tattoo
Pomegranate and flowers tattoo
fall harvest tattoo
yin yang cats taattoo
lime tattoo
Henna style tattoo
heart geometric brain geometric tattoo
coverup floral tattoo
thistle tattoo
bird of paradise tattoo
lotus tattoo
freehand hydrangea tattoo
strawberry tattoo
aloha flora tattoo
ochids  black and gray tattoo
mothand ornamental tattoo
poppies and bee tattoo
seaweed tattoo
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