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Krystal Ball


Tattoo Artist

Krystal if the first apprentice for our shop and has be working with us since November of 2019 and graduated to Jr. artist in September of 2021. She is currently taking new clients and will be do walk-in days every Friday 10:30-5pm.

Krystal: Service


Jr. Tattoo Artist

Taking new clients.

marigold flowers tattoo
mermaid Snow White tattoo
Cartoon puppy tattoo
cute mushroom tattoo
sea turtle burger seafood tattoo
Animal crossing Pokémon tattoo
Madam Leota Disney tattoo
Krystal tattoo
seafood dim sum seal
watercolor tattoo
goblin bomb tattoo
Sanrio tattoo
Krystal and snail tattoo
cowboy bebop Faye tattoo
cartoon sparkle dinosaur tattoo
script and ice cream tattoo
Pokémon duskull tattoo
Krystal: Photo Gallery
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